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Toe-Curling Erotica Novels Amazon Refuses to Show You

It’s no secret that empires like Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram actually ban ads for erotica novels. Just take a look at this thread by an author who has tried and failed to advertise through Amazon.

They claim not to allow “mature” content, and with Amazon’s all-powerful ability to remove your book (and even your author account!! what.) if you violate their terms by skirting around what’s in your book just to be able to run an ad to it, there is hardly any way for erotica books to be in the hands of readers who love them.

You must rely on word-of-mouth or manual searches, even though “erotica” isn’t even an option in the sidebar of genres. You have to go into Romance and then Erotica to find them. But even the ones listed aren’t always good books.

While you may just be looking for smut and nothing else, good erotica has a real plot—all the better to make it feel real.

We’ve done the digging for these good ones, so you don’t have to. In this list, you’ll find a variety of sexualities and they’ll be labeled as such.

1. The Best of Her Dreams by Naomi Piper

Woman/Woman Pairing

Did you know that female hyenas have a false penis? Emaline finds this out the fun way when a woman she starts fooling around with turns out to be a shifter.

Emaline is in college, busy as ever by day and by night, she’s plagued with dreams of yellow eyes watching her. She soon learns that her dreams might be more than her imagination.

Naomi Piper has a few novels in her My Monster Girlfriend collection, all rated highly and very, very smut-ridden.

Click here to start with this book.

erotica books with great plots example the beast of her dreams by naomi piper

2. Masters of Shadowlands by Cherise Sinclair

Woman/Man Pairing

Readers rank this 12-book series very highly, claiming it has “Good writing, every book has a great plot and well-developed characters.” Which we love to see with any erotica.

When Jessica’s car ends up in a ditch filled with water, she seeks the nearest shelter available in a mansion that looks promising from the outside. Inside…well, she didn’t know just how promising when she learns it’s actually a private bondage club.

erotica novels Masters of Shadowlands series by cherise sinclair

If you love bondage and domant-sub relationship dynamics, this series is perfect for you. Just accept that you’ll need a spare pair of panties after reading.

Click here to grab book 1 or the entire series.

3. Tempting Monsters Series by Kathryn Moon

Woman/Men Reverse Harem

Having a woman’s needs tended to by several men (reverse harem) offers a lot of variety and overwhelm—which is hot AF in this historical romance like Bridgerton but…saucier.

Esther is about to lose her job as a maid without any other prospects. So when an offer from Rooksgrave Manor comes in, she must take it.

temping monsters series by kathryn moon erotica novels with good stories

It doesn’t take her much convincing seeing as in the offer came from none other than the enticing Dr. Underwood. Let’s be real…with a name like that, this has to be good. It’s ranked highly by readers with emphasis on the steam, yes, but also the story.

Click here to get started with book 1, even though you’ll end up reading all 3.

4. Boys of Alabama series by Mica Halstead

Woman/Man Pairing

While the covers leave a bit to be desired, we know that even great books can have bad covers from time to time. In this one, Lex is a high school teacher hiding out in Alabama, on the run the last 4 years from her abusive ex…and she’s falling for her neighbor. Crawford is a widower, and it seems someone has finally captured his attention since his wife’s passing.

erotica series Boys of Alabama by Mica Halstead

But Lex’s husband isn’t a man to give up easily and she’ll need Crawford now more than ever.

Click here to read book 1 or go for the whole series.

5. Camp Wannahumpa series by Stephanie Stevens

Woman/Woman primarily, but Multiple Types of Pairings

The name of this camp is plenty suggestive, with the author promising “sexual encounters in every chapter”. But there’s far more to the story than just sex.

Book 1 is a current journey of the camp, whereas the second book in the series is actually the camp’s origin (orgasm?) journey.

camp wannahumpa by stephanie stevens erotica novel example

Readers have said as much: “in addition to detailing her sexual escapades, takes you along on her exploration of her goals and morals as well as her efforts to become a more valuable member of society while enjoying life to its fullest.”

Click here to grab a book and distract yourself.

6. Darkmourn Universe Series by Ben Alderson

Man/Man Pairing

If you want a story-driven book with so much spice it’s listed as erotica, this one is for you! This one follows Jak, the prophesized savior of the witch’s magic. He has one quest to kill the creature that will break the curse and restore magic. Except…this creature is Marius.

Jak can’t seem to stay away from Marius, much less kill him. There has to be another way.

darkmourn universe series by ben alderson mlm erotica novel

Click here to read the first book or get the whole series.

7. Capturing Tess by Anna Stone

Woman/Woman Pairing

Tess Bennet has been kidnapped. She’d never dream of a better life. She has no family and her job at a diner sucks…so when Ava kidnaps her and locks her up in a life of every luxury, she only wants for one thing: answers.

Ava made a vow that she’ll keep, no matter what. She’s rescued Tess from men who aim to harm her. Never did she think this woman she swore to protect would be someone she can’t keep her hands off.

Click here to read the highly reader ranked novel.

capturing tess by anna stone wlw erotica novel

8. Sinners on Tour Series by Olivia Cunning

Woman/Man Pairing

Myrna Evans wants to study groupies. As a psychologist, it’s a topic that fascinates her. So she decides to go on tour with the Sinners. And there…every guy in the band tries to seduce her.

Of course she doesn’t buy into it. That is, except for the lead guitarist, Brian Sinclair. He’s had writers block for months until he manages to get Myrna in bed…

Sinners on Tour erotica series by Olivia Cunning

Where he writes all of these riffs and notes on her body.

If you love sex play, great stories, and rock ‘n roll, click here to get this series!

9. Dark Olympus Series by Katee Robert

Woman/Man Pairing

Katee Robers is an author known for her other series in addition to this one, including a Disney retelling series for adults, if you catch our drift. She’s back with this series that’s a Hades and Persephone retelling filled with smutty delight.

Persephone Dimitriou is a society darling, plannign to flee the modern city of Olympus and away from all the damn politics. But she’s quickly ambushed with a marriage to Zeus.

dark olympus series by katee robert erotica retelling example

Now she has no choice but to run away to the forbidden undercity and makes a deal with someone she thought was a myth…and boy does he have more to show her than just the under city.

Click here to grab this series with gorgeous covers.

Erotica is underrated and overly policed. Fight back and show Amazon what types of books you VALUE by picking up these highly ranked reads that just so happen to be more than just their smutty sexcapades.

Happy reading, rankers (and wankers).

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